RDU Xpress (Raleigh Durham United)

RDU Xpress Track Club is a USATF & AAU Certified Youth Track and Field Organization.


Founded in 2022 with the merging of Bull City Express and Run U Xpress, two of the most successful and competitive track clubs in the state of North Carolina.

Sure to make a major impact in the sport of youth track and field and more specific in the youth in the Greater Triangle area.

RDU Xpress Track Club provides each athlete an opportunity to reach their full potential by developing athletic strength, speed and endurance and their overall confidence.
Fostering high self-esteem, self-worth and accountability, while laying a foundation for a passion for the sport of track and field.


Our mission is to be an asset for the Triangle community. Through the sport of Track and Field we provide athletic development
that is coupled with personal and character development. Improved work ethic, new found personal accountability, increased self-esteem and ambition
are some of the immeasurable benefits our youth see involved in our program.

Overcoming adversity through perseverance, and ingenuity.